Transit Suitability Analysis

Completed : December 2018

Developed as part of the capstone project for a GIS course during my masters, this project attempted to delineate those areas of Delhi that are underserved by public transport systems. Delhi’s growth has consistently prioritized private-use vehicles and roads over public transport causing tremendous traffic problems, and through this project I aimed to identify where future transport systems could be expanded. For the project, I compared various existing transport systems with the city’s population distribution. I found that the peripheries and satellite areas of the city, which are also the densest and low-income, such as the  north-east district, are underserved by all sustainable means of transit, while also having one of the highest road densities in the city. This is should be the focus for transportation plans, to make the city more equitable and sustainable. 

    Population density Maps

Suitability Maps

Final Suitability Map