I recently completed my Masters in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University. Cornell’s planning program’s flexibility really enabled me to explore my interests. A lot of work I did there focused on climate change adaptation and resilience; urban theory - through the lens of the underrepresented; environmental policy; indigenous knowledge systems; and  geospatial analysis. 

I am a participatory planner who strives to adopt action-oriented approaches to do work that has real meaning, and can effect positive change. I deeply believe in the power and capacity of people, and planning processes thus need to be more just and inclusive, especially to accomodate marginalized populations. I therefore want to create systems for meaningful engagement, to enable people to shape and build their own futures.

I get the most out of working collaboratively, in multi-disciplinary teams, where learning always flows. I am keen on learning innovative visual, oral or written methods of communicating complex and banal planning data in a way that is simple, interesting, and comprehensible to a wide audience. One of my biggest strengths is the ability to work in new and unfamiliar geographies, and studying contexts.

Before moving to the US for my masters, I was working as an architect in India. My primary focus during this time, was on exploring the role of architecture as a context-sensitive, social and environmental practice that shapes people’s everyday life. A lot of my work involved using community-based design processes as a problem solving tool on both micro and urban levels. I also spent a considerable amount of time on historic preservation and cultural heritage. 

Apart from these interests, I really enjoy history, documentating, cultural heritage, art, and always on the lookout for good design anywhere I go. I love exploring, being out in nature, watching thrillers, trying new recipies and cats. Currently I am  trying to transition to living zero-waste as much as possible through small DIY initiatives at home!

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