Analytic Hierarchy Process

︎Massachusetts, USA
Completed: May 2019
For : Methods of Planning Analysis, Cornell University

The Boston metropolitan area is in a severe Affordable housing crisis. Compounding this is the concern that coastal municipalities are highly vulnerable
to climate change–induced sea level rise (SLR). Federal housing policy requires all municipalities in a metro area to provision for affordable housing at the local
level, addressing socio-economic justice and equity issues. Drawing on field work and research, this group project used AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) and a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for a suitability study to determine the optimal site for a 2,000-unit affordable housing project among three adjacent coastal towns on the South Shore. Based on Policy considerations, three main criteria and subsequent subcriteria were designated to determine the optimal sites for housing.


Sub-Criteria Analysis

Final Suitability Assessments